Setting Boundaries

Whether a relationship is an intimate one between two people, or a more formal relationship, there should be boundaries. These help people to keep a slight distance from others, and they are the basis of functioning in society without chaos. Those who recognize the importance of boundaries are more likely to have successful relationships, and those who refuse to follow them are apt to hurt other people with their neglect. It is important in an intimate relationship to remain within the boundaries, but it is also reasonable to discuss them when they become too restrictive.

Playing by the rules is important for a good relationship, and a partner has the right to know what to expect. Modern life often seems to be complete chaos, but being with someone should be like taking in a relaxing breath of fresh air. Boundaries help define the air quality, and this is why they remain important.

Predictability sounds boring and limiting, but it can be a good way to conduct a successful relationship. Those who know how their partner will react to a number of situations have a better chance of avoiding relationship mishaps. If one person in the relationship constantly changes the rules, their partner will experience apprehension on a regular basis when unexpected events occur. This will destroy a relationship over time.

While boundaries are important in a relationship, they should be agreed upon by the parties involved. If one person has a strict set of boundaries, they may believe they cannot share their life with someone who is free-spirited. This is not true, but both of them must be willing to compromise. The free-spirited person must be willing to accept some concrete ground rules, but the person who prefers strict boundaries must be willing to loosen up if they want the partnership to succeed.