Not Quite Comfortable

There are times when a group of women will go out and one of them might meet someone. She could choose to give out her phone number, or she might give an email address created for meeting potential dates. Either way, she could agree to go on a date if she is contacted after that evening, but she might be not quite comfortable with meeting someone on her own. Setting up a double date with a friend or two could be a good way to meet an unknown date without feeling unprotected and awkward.

It can be difficult for singles today with the news full of people who have disappeared and been found murdered, and women are often warned by loved ones to be suspicious. The vast majority of single men are not axe murderers, but there does not seem to be any way to find that out before a date. A woman who feels uncomfortable meeting someone at a bar, giving out contact information, and then heading out for a date alone is rational. She does not know the other person well, and the date could be a disaster even if it does not mean she will be meeting a serial killer.

It is important for each person going on a date to feel as comfortable as possible because it helps get them past the awkward moments that are sure to occur. Couples today often spend at least a few days chatting through texts or emails, but it just is not the same as being across a table from a live person. If double dating makes them feel better, their date should be willing to go along with their plans.

Getting out with a group is often a good way to meet new people, and finding potential dates is often the goal for singles. When they find someone they are willing to give their contact information to, they should be prepared with a plan for going on a date that makes them feel safe and comfortable.