Dating Expectations

While the results for single men and women can be different, their expectations of a date tend to vary by personality instead of gender. The majority of people have the expectation that a date will be a fun time for those involved, and they each expect the other person to put their best foot forward. They will generally both dress up for a formal date, but meeting on a more informal basis allows them the opportunity to relax in casual clothes.

It may seem as if both daters have exactly the same expectations, but part of the reason people date is to see what their partner is looking for in another person. Some singles are happy with their unattached status, and they have no intention of ever changing it. Other daters are looking for a person who will eventually become their spouse, or they may be seeking someone who wants to create a less formal relationship. Either way, part of the expectation when on a date is finding out what each person wants to accomplish.

If both people are seeking something nearly alike, they will continue to date to find out if they are compatible. This is an important matter, and it should not be neglected. Part of being compatible is seeking the same general future, and couples should discuss this in broad categories at first. They may find their date looks forward to the same lifestyle they want, or they might be disappointed to find each one has wildly different views about the future. When this occurs, they should cut ties as soon as possible. They may remain friends, but a future as a couple will generally not work out.

There are basic expectations for anyone dating, and these include good manners and a willingness to explore possibilities. If a date does not exhibit any of these behaviors, they should not be accommodated on another date.