Bending the Dating Rules

There are always a few rebellious individuals who find rules too restrictive, and they choose to occasionally bend them when they find an opportunity. For those who are out with friends in a group, it might mean spending more time with a potential future date than paying attention to their friends. It could lead the group to reject them, but they are more concerned with getting what they want at the time. They believe forgiveness will appear when necessary, so they feel little or no remorse for bending the dating rules.

Men have few dating rules, so it is generally the women who are more likely to bend them. For them, it usually occurs when they are not in a relationship already. They are often more independent at this time, but they are also aware of the support of their friends. While they might be willing to bend the rules a bit, they are not likely to break them completely. Censure from their friends will stop them from going overboard, but taking a small chance is often seen as adventurous.

Women tend to go out in groups, and one of their most valued rules is that everyone stays together for the entire evening. Talking to others outside the group is permissible, but they must occasionally check in with their friends. Bending the rules in this case is ensuring they are within the sight lines of their friends, but they might skip checking in.

As long as they leave with their friends, the rules have not been broken. This allows them the opportunity to get to know someone well enough to secure a future date. They will be leaving with their friends, but this is often how men are able to get to know someone well enough to meet them after the social part of the evening is over.